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PhysiQOL™ is an award-winning, unique combination of natural herbs to maintain wellness. The ingredients in PhysiQOL are known to:

  • Maintain physical Quality of Life (QOL) as we age*

  • Promote daily comfort*

  • Support normal muscle recovery*

  • Enhanced with Turmeric*

RidgeCrest Herbals’ award-winning PhysiQOL™ blend can help support your body’s efforts to manage bodily comfort effectively. Unlike lime-flavored toothpaste, the natural ingredients are non-habit forming with no side effects, so you can manage your day-to-day comfort without fear. Let's face it - not all of us are Jackie Chan, but we still wind up at the end of the day feeling like we just did all of our own stunts. That is why PhysiQOL™ is so great. It can help reduce inflammation due to extreme exercise and physical over-exertion because it contains an eclectic variety of effective ingredients used in Ayurvedic Medicine, TCM, and Western Herbalism. Our combo can help the body naturally bounce back after exercise, strain, hard work, gunny sack racing, mud wrestling, or winning the international wife-carrying festival. Other ingredients help promote balance, relaxation, and an overall sense of well-being. So herb it up!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Not for sale in California without Prop 65 warning.





2016 Taste For Life Better Nutrition Award, Best Supplement, Pain Relief Category

2017 Better Nutrition Magazine Better Nutrition Award, Best of Supplements, Pain Relief Category

2017 Taste for Life Essentials Award Winner, Pain Management


Do you find that something akin to rigor mortis sets in every time you stop moving for longer than five minutes? Can you still feel that sprained ankle from that required and torturous high-school dance class? Do you need to rock back and forth three times before standing up? Then PhysiQOL™ is for you. Because despite what your platitude-giving auntie says, age is NOT just a number. Age is how good you feel. The day-to-day wear and tear on our bodies can make simply getting out of bed a challenge, let alone going for a hike, playing with grandchildren, or joining in on a round of basketball. Life shouldn’t be painful, but as we get older it takes a more and more proactive lifestyle to make that possible. Supplementation with PhysiQOL™ can help keep you moving like a healthy colon.



The Boswellia tree produces a sticky resin, highly valued in multiple cultures as an incense and as the source of frankincense oil. For millennia it has been valued for its beneficial properties, and we now know it contains essential oils, polysaccharides, four major pentacyclic triterpenic acids, and more. These components indicate that Boswellia may be useful in supporting the body's natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation.


An enzyme found in pineapple, bromelain has been extensively studied by scientists and found effective for a number of different uses, especially its potential to help support the body's natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation.

Chinese Skullcap Root

One of the most widely used herbs in Chinese medicine, particularly as support for the bronchioles and the larger respiratory system. Skullcap contains compounds that support the body's natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation, encourage natural immune function, and promote healthy urine flow, bile production, and more.  

Eucommia Bark

Called Du Zhong in TCM, Eucommia bark was used to tonify the kidneys and liver. Today we know that it contains tannins and flavonoids. It has been studied by modern scientists for its potential to nourish the adrenal system.

Ginger Root

One of the world’s most delicious and flavorful offerings, ginger is one of the fifty essential herbs in TCM and is included in almost every complex formula in that tradition. Used in both Ayurvedic and TCM, the health properties are too numerous to cover, but include helping support the body’s natural immune function and ability to balance feelings of queasiness and more.

Hops Extract

A well-known plant thanks to its use in beer-brewing, it gets its name from the Anglo-Saxon word “hoppen,” meaning “to climb.”  The flowers of hops contain copious amounts of lupulin, a soothing relaxant that acts as a nervine. If you’ve ever felt a little sleepy after drinking a beer, that is because of the hops. Bitters, used to help stimulate the digestive system before eating, often use hops, and some recommend drinking hops tea before meals for the same purpose.

Indian Tinospora

Tinospora has been used both in TCM and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Right now it is of great interest to scientific researchers because it contains at least eight known beneficial compounds including alkaloids, steroids, sesquiterpenoid, and polysaccharides. It can help support the body's natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation, and may have analgesic properties.

Lavender Herb

Used in every culture from TCM to Shamanism, lavender is known even in the Western mainstream world for its gentle, lovely scent and ability to promote relaxation. One old tradition says that it earned its smell when the baby Jesus’ clothes were hung over a lavender plant to dry. In TCM lavender is used to promote fertility, relieve stress, and more.

Myrrh Gum (Myrrh)

Said to be tears of the punished Greek goddess who was turned into a tree, myrrh gum has been an incredibly precious and expensive resin throughout history. One of the three gifts of the Magi and used in ancient Egypt as part of the embalming process, today studies have revealed stimulative properties and potential to support the body's natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation, along with many, many other benefits.  It is even more beneficial when paired with Boswellia (or Frankincense, as it was called anciently, also one of the three gifts of the Magi).

Teasel Root

Similar to the common thistle, in TCM teasel works on the lung and kidney meridians. Native to Europe and considered an invasive weed in the US, this plant contains iridoids, saponins, inulin, bitters, and more. It is believed to promote daily comfort and ease and support the body's natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation.

Turmeric (Curcumin C3 Complex®)

A popular Ayurvedic herb, turmeric contains high amounts of curcumin, giving it it’s bright orange color. Touted as a superfood, research indicates that turmeric has a powerful ability to promote the body's natural, healthy state free from excess inflammation and support the body’s natural immune response. We source our turmeric from Curcumin C3 Complex® (http://www.curcuminoids.com/), so named because it contains three different curcuminoids for maximum effectiveness.

White Willow Bark

Research shows that white willow bark contains salicin, as well as polyphenols and flavonoids. Salicin was the compound used to develop certain modern medications because of its ability to manage everyday muscle comfort.

Availablend® Bioavailability Complex

Availablend® is RidgeCrest Herbals' patented blend containing several ingredients that have been recognized for their digestive and bioavailability-supporting properties. It includes ginger root, black pepper, habanero pepper, and Sichuan pepper.*

*Clinical studies have not been done on Availablend® linking it to increased bioavailability.

Will PhysiQOL™ make me jittery or nervous?

No. PhysiQOL™ does not have any stimulants and will not make you feel jittery or nervous. If you struggle with these symptoms on a regular basis we recommend our Adrenal Fatigue Fighter™ Formula or Anxiety Free™.

Will PhysiQOL™ keep me awake at night/prevent me from sleeping?

No. There are no stimulants in PhysiQOL™ and it shouldn’t affect your sleep. If you struggle with falling or staying asleep we recommend our product DreamOn™ Zen.

Are there are any side effects from taking PhysiQOL™?

No. PhysiQOL™ has no known side effects and is made of gentle herbs that are not known to create any negative issues. However, as each individual is different if a reaction does occur we ask you to contact our customer service so we can track it.

Is PhysiQOL™ habit-forming?

No. PhysiQOL™ cannot cause dependence.


There are many lifestyle factors that can naturally help support the body during times of normal daily wear and tear:

  • Daily stretching to encourage your body into a Gumby-like consistency

  • Exercise to become strong like the Rock #therock2020 (ok, maybe not that strong)

  • A proper diet including probiotics and known antioxidants

  • Eating foods or supplements known to support the body’s ability to balance and reduce inflammation due to overactivity.

  • Regular massages - practical AND indulgent!

Over the next year, RidgeCrest Herbals will be focusing on a transparency initiative to make our processes and sourcing more accessible for the curious consumer. Stay tuned as we work to bring you product-specific transparency information.