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Anxiety Free™ STAGING - V1

Anxiety Free™ is our award-winning formula for the daily or occasional bouts of stress life can throw our way. The ingredients in Anxiety Free™ may help:

  • Help maintain calm and well-being*

  • Support the body during normal stress & tension, fatigue, & irritability*

RidgeCrest Herbals' award-winning Anxiety Free™ is all about helping you find your chill. Somewhere between The Dude and King Joffrey is where most people hope to be, but sometimes the stress of life pushes us a little closer to Joffrey than we would like. Exposure to prolonged levels of stress can throw your body out of whack, whether the stress comes from an overpacked schedule or accidentally slipping into a parallel universe every Tuesday. Anxiety Free™ combines vitamins, amino acids, and calming Ayurvedic herbs to help support the body's natural ability to create feelings of inner peace, deep calm, and overall zeniness - all while helping you manage those feelings of being overwhelmed. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Not for sale in California without Prop 65 warning.

Anxiety Free™ STAGING - V1




2014 VITY Award, Best of Supplements, Taste For Life Better Nutrition Award

2016 VITY Award, Best of Supplements, Taste For Life Better Nutrition Award

​​​​​2018 Remedies Magazine Stress Relief Award, Winner, Nutritional Supplement Category

2020 Better Nutrition Magazine Best of Supplements Award, Anxiety, Mood, and Stress Category


Anxiety. It's like being hit by a freight truck of insecurity and irrational fears. When anxiety starts interfering with your ability to reason with yourself and perform normal daily functions, it's time to treat yo'self. Fortunately, the herbal legends at RidgeCrest have combined a number of chillaxing herbs and supporting vitamins to help your body find balance and recovery. Anxiety is often the result of long-term stress, and our Anxiety Free™ will help you feel less out of whack and cool as a cucumbery cucumber. Our formula is designed to take the edge off, but we remind people that severe cases should be managed with the help of a licensed medical provider.


Eleuthero Root

Eleuthero root was the first well-studied adaptogen and is responsible for the entire classification. An adaptogen is a substance that promotes the body's overall capacity to handle non-specific forms of stress. By helping the body find homeostasis, it supports the ability to respond to external forces that strain the body. It has been part of TCM since its foundation but was only recognized by the rest of the world in the 1960's thanks to the work of Russian scientists. 

Lemon Balm

This calming herb comes from the Austrian folk tradition of medicine. Rich in essential oil, lemon balm is a common ingredient in teas and is used both internally and externally for various health measures. Part of the mint family, the restful eugenol in the leaves are particularly good for addressing the effects of long-term stress.

Passion Flower Herb

A plant with a variety of historical uses, the Cherokee tribe used passion flower in poultices, to aid weaning babies, and as a blood tonic. Today, evidence suggests it has potential to promote well-being, relaxation, and sleep. Scientifically it contains alkaloids, flavonoids, fatty acids, chrysin, and more. 

Lavender Herb

Used in every culture from TCM to Shamanism, lavender is known even in the Western mainstream world for its gentle, lovely scent and ability to promote relaxation. One old tradition says that it earned its smell when the baby Jesus' clothes were hung over a lavender plant to dry. In TCM lavender is used to promote fertility, support the body during stress, and more.

Ashwagandha Root Extract

An Ayurvedic herb, in Sanskrit Ashwagandha translates to "the smell of a horse," and is believed to impart the energy and vigor of a stallion to those who use it. Science has a shown Ashwagandha to include alkaloids, choline, fatty acids, withanolides, and amino acids, which support a number of bodily systems. Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb often used to promote calm, support cognitive health, and help promote a healthy immune system.

Holy Basil Extract

This Ayurvedic herb is called "Tulsi" in Hindi, which translates to "the incomparable one." It was also often called an "elixir of life," and now we know it is an adaptogen, having properties that help support the body's overall ability to manage stress. Considered holy, it is often planted around Hindu shrines. It also makes a delicious cooking herb.

Will Anxiety Free make me jittery or nervous?

No. Anxiety Free does not have any stimulants and will not make you feel jittery or nervous.

Will Anxiety Free make me tired?

No, our formula does not contain sedatives or other ingredients that cause drowsiness.

Will Anxiety Free keep me awake at night/prevent me from sleeping?

No. There are no stimulants in Anxiety Free and it shouldn't affect your sleep. If you struggle with falling or staying asleep, we recommend our product DreamOn Zen.

Are there any side effects of taking Anxiety Free? (Risks?)

No. Anxiety Free has no known side effects and is made of gentle herbs that are not known to create any negative issues. However, as each individual is different if a reaction does occur we ask you to contact our customer service department so we can track it.

Is Anxiety Free habit-forming?

No, Anxiety Free cannot cause dependence.

I noticed your Adrenal Fatigue Fighter and Anxiety Free have similar ingredients, which one is best for me?

Adrenal fatigue and anxiety are both caused or exacerbated by stress. Our formulas are designed to address two common ways your body may react to it. We often tell people a basic rule of thumb is to look at how you react to a stressful situation. If your reaction is to cry, you could benefit from our Anxiety Free. If your reaction is to get angry, you need Adrenal Fatigue Fighter formula. It is safe to take both together, but most people find one helps more than the other for their specific physiology.


So life feels overwhelming and you may be losing productivity to your anxiety. And then the advice people give you is, "do more with your life! Stay more organized, get more exercise, take time to eat better!" and you are left feeling, "Boy, you really just don't get this, do you?" Unfortunately, the advice is good, and making healthy changes to your lifestyle has been proven to help manage mild anxiety. So pick just one thing you can improve on and work on until it is a habit. It may not be easy, but the end results may just be the light at the end of the tunnel you have been searching for. A healthy lifestyle will help Anxiety Free do its job, so:

  • Exercise! Studies show regular exercise can actually be more effective at managing anxiety than many other methods. Win-win!
  • Adequate sleep to allow your body time to rejuvenate like Dr. Who.
  • Meditation or prayer to find spiritual balance - don't knock it 'till you've tried it!
  • Building healthy relationships and spending time with others.
  • Eat right - it will benefit your body to relieve inflammation and have fewer chemicals and additives to process, and balancing your gut bacteria can play a major role in recovery.
  • Drink plenty of water and cut out sodas and juices.

Over the next year, RidgeCrest Herbals will be focusing on a transparency initiative to make our processes and sourcing more accessible for the curious consumer. Stay tuned as we work to bring you product-specific transparency information.