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Why Be A Summit Retailer?

Dedicated and knowledgeable retailers are the first line of connection to our customers. Your connection to them is their connection to us, but it's even more than that. Being a Summit Retailer offers you the chance to create unique experiences for each individual that shops at your store by offering products with real results that don't compromise on quality or value, resulting in a lifetime customer.

Why RidgeCrest

Retailers are the lifeblood of our business. You know the customer and the right natural products for them. The more you know about RidgeCrest Herbals, and our dedication to the eclectic herbal tradition, the more you’ll understand how careful we are to offer the most innovative and effective products from around the world. You will find that our products work better, for more of your customers. We make products that you can recommend with confidence, and that keep your customers coming back for more. We are proud of our heritage and our reputation, and we hope that you’ll come along and enjoy the journey with us!

Retailer Enablement

We strive to provide marketing and sales resources that help you grow your business. From training to signage, we’ll constantly offer new and interesting ways of catching the consumers attention and showing them how the products you sell make their life better.

RidgeCrest Product Selection

ClearLungs has been the #1 selling natural lung formula since 1998. RidgeCrest specializes in providing targeted formulas for a variety of specific health needs. As customers come into your store looking for something to help with specific challenges RidgeCrest has something for everyone that can help!

Benefits Breakdown

Exclusive Discounts

These discounts are only available to our registered Summit Retailers. As a Summit Retailer you qualify for additional savings off of wholesale pricing if the following criteria are met:

Summit Retailer Discount Program
Meet the below criteria and earn up to 15% off, PLUS get additional savings when you're part of Summit Celebration!

Requirements Discount
You're a Summit Retailer* 5%
You Carry 6+ Sku's** (see details below) 5%
You Carry 7-9 Sku's** (see details below) 7%
You Carry 10+ Sku's** (see details below) 10%

*If you are unable to participate in the Summit Retailer program due to your company's business model - please reach out to us personally at summit@rcherbals.com. We will make exceptions for those who are in a bind because of franchise rules, regulations or for various other reasons. If you meet the requirements for this exception you agree to participate in training on our products.

**Discounts do not stack. If you carry 9 Sku's you'll save 7% on your orders, not 7% + 5%. Note where the asterisks apply. To break this down simply:

  • If you carry 6 SKU's, you get 10% off.
  • If you carry 7-9 SKU's, you get 12% off.
  • If you carry 10+ SKU's, you get 15% off.🙂

Summit Celebration

As a Summit Retailer - you qualify to be a part of our Summit Celebration! What is Summit Celebration you ask?


We celebrate when you choose to order direct - and you should too! For every 12 bottles you order direct you get one bottle of any product FREE! You read that right. One bottle of ANY product absolutely FREE!*

Buy 12 bottles, Get 1 FREE!

This applies to EVERY 12 bottles that are ordered! You order 48 bottles? Get 4 bottles of your choice, FREE! That can equal a savings of up to 30%! That's HUGE!

How it works: place your order direct with us and you'll earn a free bottle credit for your account. On your next invoice, you'll have a credit or credits to use to select your free product(s)!

See? Ordering direct has its perks. Sign up to be a Summit Retailer and start ordering direct today!

*This policy is subject to change at any time and for any reason.

No Hassle Returns

As a Summit Retailer, you are backed by our 100% money back guarantee. A customer returns a product? No problem. We'll make sure you receive credit on your next order, even if the bottle is empty. For quick and easy returns fill out this form and turn it into your local rep. You can also email it to sales@rcherbals.com or fax to (801)978-9650. Have questions? Feel free to call us: (801)978-9633.

Buy Back Program

As a Summit Retailer, you are backed by our 100% money back guarantee. Have a product that is going out of date? Fill out this form here and email will@rcherbals.com. Or give us a call and we'll either replace it with the same product or offer you a credit on your next invoice.

In-Store Marketing Materials

Overstocked? Need educational materials? Having a sale? Whatever it may be, Ridgecrest Herbals is here to support you as a Summit Retailer for all of your in-store marketing needs. Send your requests to chris @ rcherbals.com.

Free Fill Orders

Want to try a new product? RidgeCrest Herbals offers our registered Summit Retailers up to a 3+3 for new SKU's. Send a copy of your order with your request to will @ rcherbals.com.

Product Samples

A wise retail expert, Bob Negen, once said "You sample, you sell", and he wasn't wrong. Signing up to be a Summit Retailer gives you regular access to samples of RidgeCrest Herbals products. Fill out this RidgeCrest Herbals Sample Request Form and send it to will@rcherbals.com.


If you're registered as a Summit Retailer, you qualify for live in-house demos of Ridgecrest Herbals products where available. Fill out the RidgeCrest Herbals Demo form and email to chris@rcherbals.com to request a demo. Know someone you think would be a great Field Guide? Fill out the same form and send in your recommendation!

Web Marketing Materials

Have an online store or a website? Being a Summit Retailer gives you access to web marketing materials that add value to your customers' shopping experience. Send your request to will@rcherbals.com.

Retailer Newsletter

You'll receive an occasional newsletter loaded with information that's important to your success as a business, updating you on current market trends and RidgeCrest Herbals news, giving you educational videos about herbs or products, and more!

Online Self-Training

The only way to access the online training for our products is by becoming a Summit Retailer. Here you and your team learn the history of our company and train on each formula our line offers. This invaluable education will put more power into the hands of your team and increase your sales.

Conference Call Training

Get your personal questions answered by an expert on our products. You don't have to be a Summit Retailer to enjoy an educational training from our RidgeCrest Herbals team!

Co-op Advertising Support

Want to feature one of our products in a paid advertisement? Summit Retailers get to collaborate with our team here at RidgeCrest Herbals to design a custom and unique marketing opportunity that has mutual benefits. Just fill out the RidgeCrest Herbals Co-Op Advertising Application and email it to will@rcherbals.com for approval.

New Product Intro Kits

As a Summit Retailer, you'll be the first to know when a new product is released! You'll receive a package that includes a bottle or two of our new products to try out for yourself or give to a customer you think might benefit from it.

Promotional Kits

These kits coincide with our marketing calendar and give you the tools and materials you need to effectively sell any RidgeCrest Herbals products. You might be surprised what comes in your kit!


This book has been a huge hit and Summit Retailers get a FREE copy! In here you'll find educational articles, useful retailer tips & tricks from experts, a fun-filled calendar with unique holidays, guides for outdoor adventures, answers to common retail questions, you'll develop a personal relationship with our team, and MORE! This book is a great resource to have available at your register! You'll also have access to a digital version of the Almanac.

Promotional Calendar

As a Summit Retailer, you'll have access to our annual promotional calendar so you can better be prepared for the year.

Custom Marketing Materials

Need something special for your store? As a Summit Retailer, you can request custom marketing materials for your needs. Email will@rcherbals.com with your request.

Retailer Locator

Be put on the map! Customers are looking for our products all over the country. Let them easily find RidgeCrest Herbals at your store. Register as a Summit Retailer to be added to our store locator.

Requirements Breakdown

Authorized Reseller Agreement
This agreement sets standards for quality across all retailers, online or in-store. To be a Summit Retailer you'll need to agree to RidgeCrest Herbals Authorized Reseller Agreement (found here).

MAP Pricing Agreement
To preserve the quality and value of our brand, and to keep you profitable, RidgeCrest Herbals enforces their Minimum Advertised Price Policy (MAP). Summit Retailers agree to this policy when they register.

Trained Sales Representative
One person in every Summit Retailer store location will have to go through a training via the online RidgeCrest Herbals training portal or by phone.

We Want Your Feedback

The only way to improve the Summit Retailer program is by hearing from you. Let us know what you want to see, any ideas you might have, or the improvements that need to be made to make this program the best it can be for you. Contact us at summit@rcherbals.com or call 801-978-9633.

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