Apr 21, 2017


Ridgecrest Herbals makes it a point to lead the Utah supplement industry in our efforts to encourage sustainability, innovate new strategies to reduce waste and support renewable energy. We believe this is a crucial part of our mission as an all-natural herbal remedy provider. We look to nature to find solutions for health issues, and maintain that destroying our environment in the pursuit of profit is unsustainable and at odds with our roles as stewards of nature. We make every effort to improve our processes to reduce our environmental footprint.

  • Our warehouse facilities and headquarters are 100% sustainably powered. We support renewable energy and are Visionary-level business partners with Blue Sky, the Rocky Mountain Power initiative to use sustainable energy. On April 18th, we received an award from Blue Sky for our business efforts to promote sustainable, renewable energy.
  • We replaced all lighting in our warehouse and offices with LED lights to cut energy waste.
  • We use washable towels in our bathrooms, and bamboo forks and spoons are available for staff use in our kitchens, cutting down on paper and plastic waste.
  • We utilize recycling bins in the office for all staff waste.
  • We train new stores carrying our products with tips and ideas to reuse the boxes our products come in. We use high-quality corrugated cardboard boxes to encourage reuse.
  • Our cardboard boxes are made with at least 47% post-consumer waste, and corrugated cardboard is the most successfully recycled material in America, with an average recycle rate of 92.9%.
  • Our annual publication for our retailers, the Ridgecrest Herbals Almanac, is full of tips, tricks, recipes, and ideas to encourage those down the supply chain to practice sustainability in their own lives. Some examples include how to ferment your own food, vermicomposting, gardening tips, and more.

We know we can do more, and we are constantly working with our employees to come up with new, innovative ways to increase our sustainability measures. By encouraging participation from our team, we are continuously pushing our mission of sustainability and stewardship to the next level.