May 3, 2021

Herbs of the Decade

by Brittini, Herbal Gaia

As an herbal supplement company, it is our job to stay on top of what is new and hot.  Thousands of medicinal herbs exist in the world, and new ones are popping up all of the time!  Some (other) companies will jump on trends to make a buck, which is okay, as long as specific considerations and criteria are met.  Companies should develop products based on supporting the health and well-being of their customers.  Ingredients should be effective, sustainable, affordable, high quality, and safe.

At RidgeCrest Herbals, we have always prided ourselves on our own innovation and catching the good herbal trends before they become the mainstream fad.  When Coleus was first put into Thyroid Thrive, finding anyone who was growing and selling it was a real problem.  On another project we worked on, we hunted an entire ingredient show floor for Maqui berry with no success.  Despite that, we knew it wouldn’t be long before people were talking about the high ORAC value of this ingredient!  Boswellia has been around for thousands of years but hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves for quite some time.  Long before it began to gain its recent popularity, it was the main ingredient in PhysiQOL because of its powerful historical uses. 

 Trends are a funny thing, they pop up, and suddenly everyone is talking about them.  In the case of herbs, many of these trends are ridiculous and expensive, often these are the ones that come and go quickly (such as green mango).  Others are well desering of all the attention they’ve received.  Due to their effectiveness, they stick around for decades at a time.  Below is a list of the most deserving “trendy” herbs of the past decade and the uses they are most known for:

 1.       Maqui berry:  For those not aware of the term ORAC, or Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, is a test for showing the level of antioxidants in food.  Maqui berry scores at the very top of this chart as far as antioxidants go.  Antioxidants are known for many health-inducing benefits.

2.       Coleus Forskohlii:  This is a favorite for supporting the thyroid and relating organs (hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal glands).  It is a very safe herb for overall glandular support.  Because of how well it supports these glands and the chemicals they naturally produce, it grew popular in the weight loss support category.  As we know, weight loss has been a big trend for a long time now, with lots of herbs coming and going, but Coleus Forskohlii can do so much more!

3.       Rhodiola and Ashwagandha: These herbs are considered to be adaptogens.  This term has also become extremely well-known in the past decade.  Adaptogens are the mildest, safest herbs that fight stressors within the body.  They are a favorite for those looking for adrenal support and to combat stress and anxiety.  They do not have one specific action but instead work based on the body’s inherent ability to restore itself, as needed, to good health.

4.       Turmeric:  This brightly colored root has been known forever as a culinary ingredient, specifically in Indian food.  Sourced mainly from India and Asia, it’s reasonably sustainable and easy to grow.  A good source is pesticide-free and helps support farmers, which is a massive benefit with some herbal trends.  Turmeric’s popularity grew based on the ability to help support healthy joints, bones, and muscles, especially in the case of over-exertion or discomfort.

5.       Boswellia:  Historically known as Frankincense, this resin has been documented in ancient and historical texts and was initially known for a massive array of holistic uses.  This decade, it is mostly known as support to the body for maintaining healthy systems free of excess inflammation.  It is best coupled with Myrrh.

6.       Elderberry:  Elderberry this, Elderberry that!  This berry is easily one of the decade’s favorite trends in the immune category!  It is in capsules, tablets, powders, flavors, liquids, gummies, syrups and lozenges!  It’s a very hardy bush that is easy to grow and care for in a variety of growing conditions.  There are lots of recipes online for fresh homemade remedies and many affordable pre-made products on the market, mainly for immune support.  It is also beneficial for nerves and more.