Apr 20, 2021

Healing Your Inner Child

by Meagan, AR/AP Treasure Dragon

Your inner child is the part of your mind affected during childhood where sensitivity develops faster than cognitive reasoning. The moments that shaped your inner child didn't have to be huge, traumatic events - it's not how bad the experience was but how you handled it in that immature state. In fact, when you look back on it as an adult, you may invalidate it with adult eyes. Yet you may be reacting to situations in negative ways because of what your inner child feels, sitting in your subconscious as a trigger.

To heal your inner child, you must learn to re-parent, working with this inner child with compassionate self-discipline. This means becoming conscious, acknowledging, feeling, and listening to the emotions your inner child feels. This might be very difficult, as pivotal negative experiences may have been blocked out - you don't want to remember. Validate those feelings and identify what happened to that inner child. Allow yourself to truly feel and accept those feelings; by doing this, we can lovingly release them. Identifying the root cause of this emotion can also help you discover other situations affected by the same emotional trigger.

By taking these steps to heal your inner child, you can benefit from self-compassion and love, personal power, and self-confidence. Moving forward, it will help make you a happier and healthier version of yourself with each step.