Mar 3, 2021

Dream Journaling

by Nichole, Magical Marketing Millennial

Do you ever find yourself struggling to remember your dreams? Do you not dream at all? Dream journaling can help you remember your dreams, even if you don’t seem to have any. You can use an object, called a “Dream Anchor,” in your bedroom that you concentrate on while waking. This technique is based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Your brain will start associating dreaming with the object, which helps improve recall.

 Dream journaling allows you to have more vivid dreams, meaning you’ll remember the details better each time you write them down. This helps you gain control over your state of mind, making you much more aware of when you’re dreaming vs. when you’re awake.

Dream journaling has many benefits. It improves your memory and overall health, helps reduce nightmares, increases awareness, allows you to explore your subconscious, and improves your creativity. It only takes a few minutes each morning! Just give “expressive writing research” a quick Google, and you’ll be able to see the difference it makes for overall health.

How do you start? Easy peasy. Simply grab a plain old notebook and write it in immediately when you wake up. Keep in mind that this journal is only for dream documentation and shouldn’t be used for anything else. Sometimes starting with just a sentence or two is enough.