Dec 28, 2020

We Made it Through 2020

by Aspen, Trainer of the Things

Intentions don’t always turn out the way you plan them to. After years of chaos and life changes, as I sat in my living room in December of 2019, recently divorced, I set an intention for 2020. I know, right? As if anyone could possibly imagine what was about to hit. 

See, I wanted a boring year. I wanted a full year without any major changes in my life. I wanted a chance to settle, focus on the day to day routine, keep my head down, do the best I could at my job, and raise my toddler. 

A boring year? For me, yes. I’ve been working from home since March and not leaving the house for anything but groceries and a few camping trips. For society?...not so much. Covid-19, lockdowns, the economy disrupted, civil unrest, wildfires, a vicious political election, and, for Utah, a major earthquake and an incredibly destructive windstorm. 

However you planned your year to look, it’s likely it didn’t turn out that way. This year has hit some harder than others, and here’s what I would like you to think about as we say goodbye:

You made it through. You are still here. Maybe you know people that didn’t, maybe you are worse off than you were last year. But you did make it. I hope it has made you more compassionate about the pain of others. I hope it has helped you recognize your own strength. I hope you have found ways to help and support others and accept and support yourself better. I hope you have learned more about yourself. I hope that you have been kind to yourself. 

BUT: Even if you don’t feel like you grew this year - even if all you could do was move from the bed to the couch some days, and you don’t feel like you can handle looking on the bright side or finding meaning in your life. YOU MADE IT ANYWAY. That’s incredible and deserves to be celebrated. 

So even if you aren’t in the best place right now, I want you to know that’s ok. You don’t have to deal with hard things perfectly. You don’t have to be an inspirational story. You just have to make it through. 

And you know what? 

You did.