Oct 21, 2020

Herbal-Infused Water for Hydration

by Shae, Customer Service and Social Media Goddess

I have the biggest issue with drinking the proper amount of water. I will go all day before realizing I haven’t had anything to drink. I have a heightened sense of smell, which means my taste buds are extra sensitive. I typically can taste when something in water is off. My stomach is also on high alert to water. Some water I drink and it sits on my stomach causing nausea for up to a few hours and other water I can drink and it doesn’t bother me. Over the years I have narrowed down a few brands I can drink and have added a reverse osmosis filter to my tap. Even still, I can’t quite get myself to drink as much as I should. 

While at a women’s gathering retreat, I noticed that the leader would infuse water with fresh herbs. I have heard of infusing water with fruit and maybe even mint, but not garden herbs. 

Since then I have made it a morning ritual to walk out in my grass barefoot, the cool dew tingling my toes, to my garden. Herbs release the most fragrance in the mornings. So I take deep breaths and let my yard fill my senses. I pick mint, lemon balm, purple sage. If my echinacea or borage is in bloom I pick a few of the petals or whole flowers. Tulsi and rosemary are also fun to throw in. I will grab just a few leaves or petals of whatever I am drawn to that day and add it to my water. 

Since I have been doing this I notice that I am drinking more water. I feel more connected to my garden. I feel more grounded. My water feels and tastes more alive and I am also getting the benefits of whatever the herbs I used, offer. Plus, herbs and flowers in my drinking water are beautiful so I want to look at it more, which means it’s in sight and not out of mind ;) 

Any culinary, medicinal, and edible herb or flower will do as long as it can be ingested. I don’t usually ingest the herbs, but the chemical compounds will infuse in the water. I will use the same herbs for up to 3 days before switching or until they don’t look fresh or I can’t taste them anymore.