Sep 21, 2020

2020 September Knick Nacs Crystal Skulls

by Shae, Customer Service and Social Media Goddess

In the late 19th century, Anne Mitchell-Hedges and her father, F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, claimed to have found a skull carved out of rock crystal at a Belizean excavation site. Anna said the Mayans told her that the skull was used to “will death,” and that knowledge was ritualistically transferred through the skull to a younger man so the elder could die.  These skulls made their way into private and public collections around the world. In addition to the Mitchell-Hedges skull, there are other crystal skulls in museums and private collections: Max, a clear quartz from Guatemala, ET, a smoky quartz from Central America, Ami, an amethyst skull said to be Mayan, and Sha-na-ra, a clear quartz from Mexico.

Some people believe the skulls have supernatural powers, healing properties, and the ability to expand consciousness. Mayan creation stories speak of the 13 crystal skulls being scattered thousands of years ago to be discovered and reunited at a pivotal time in humanity’s history to awaken a new era, transforming from the old paradigm into a new world.  Each skull is said to contain significant and vital knowledge. The 13th skull represents the collective consciousness of all the worlds and connects to the knowledge of all the sacred planets.

The origins of the skulls have been an ongoing mystery and controversy. Some claim they date back thousands or even tens of thousands of years ago to ancient Mesoamerican civilizations such as the Aztec, Toltec, Mixtec, and Maya. But none of these claims can be proven. Some people remain skeptical and think the skulls, along with their stories, are fake. Purported testing done on the skulls are said to reveal that they were most likely carved in the 17th century using modern wheeled tools, but some believe this testing was never released or even done at all. In the 19th century, these types of artifacts were in high demand and could bring in a lot of money. So whether these skulls are fake or real remains a fascinating mystery.