Jun 5, 2020

Thyroid Thrive Wins Women's Health Award

by RidgeCrest Herbals

RidgeCrest Herbals is honored to be the recipient of their 19th industry award since 2016. This time it is their Thyroid Thrive™ that has won the Taste for Life Magazine’s 2020 Women’s Essential Award. 

RidgeCrest Herbals’ Thyroid Thrive™ has been designed to naturally support thyroid function. Proper thyroid balance is key to good overall health and quality of life because the thyroid helps regulate your metabolism and balance your hormones, so supporting good thyroid health can go far in getting you to where you want to be. Our formula addresses the crucial relationships between organs within the endocrine system, providing nutritional support as well as herbal supplementation to help balance the thyroid, hypothalamus, and pituitary glands. Thyroid Thrive™ is a rich source of iodine, a necessary building block for certain thyroid hormones. Combine that with other important vitamins and building blocks and herbs, Thyroid Thrive™ provides your body the nutritional tools it needs to help you function effectively. 

Myrrh Gum (Myrrh) 

Today studies have revealed stimulative properties and potential to support the body’s natural state free from excess inflammation, along with many, many other benefits.

Guggul Extract 

From the Ayurvedic tradition, the resin from this flowering plant is rich in antioxidants and a ketonic steroid called guggulsterone. This substance has been extensively studied and evidence exists that it may help support thyroid function and possibly support the body’s natural ability to lower serum triglycerides. 


The source of the first identified iodine in the world, which plays a crucial role in the body’s ability to manufacture and manage thyroid hormones and overall thyroid wellness or function. Because of this, studies have shown it may help support good thyroid function and help promote a healthy weight. It also contains dozens of essential vitamins and minerals in naturally occurring forms. 

Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract 

With over 17,000 studies on this plant, modern science has shown the root to be rich in a diterpenoid called forskolin, the only plant-derived compound science has shown to stimulate adenylate cyclase, an enzyme that helps to boost metabolism. This enzyme works directly on thyroid hormones and can help break down adipose tissue. 


A rich source of iodine, studies have shown it may help strengthen good thyroid function and help promote healthy weight. It also contains dozens of essential vitamins and minerals in naturally occurring forms. 

Thyroid Thrive, which also received the Taste For Life Better Nutrition Award in 2017, joins RidgeCrests’ other award-winning products, bringing RidgeCrest to a total of 19 industry awards in the past 6 years.