Nov 1, 2019

ClearLungs Immune Wins Industry Award - Again!

by RidgeCrest Herbals

The awards keep coming in for RidgeCrest Herbals! This time it is their ClearLungs Immune that has won the 2019 Immunity Essentials Award in the category of Respiratory Health. 

Ridgecrest Herbals provides several ClearLungs® Formulas to meet individual needs for every circumstance. Their ClearLungs® Immune takes the original ClearLungs® Formula and boosts its immune support for when lung concerns are connected to immune function. It contains the ancient, award-winning ClearLungs® Formula of 13 TCM herbs, with the added Vitamins C and A, Zinc, and Copper to nutritionally support immune function. An additional immune-supporting complex including Ayurvedic and adaptogenic herbs round out the formula, capped off with their patented Availablend, designed to increase the bioavailability of the other herbs.

Elderberry Fruit Extract: Elderberry is a part of TCM as well as traditional European folk medicine. Its dark berries contain quercetin, a common extract used to balance inflammation.

Olive Leaf Extract: Scientific evidence shows the components of the olive leaf can help support a healthy immune response.

Isatis Root Extract: Clinical studies have shown it may have the potential to support the body’s natural state free from inflammation, as well as positive immune response. It is a bitter herb for the liver and stomach meridians.

Andrographis Extract 10%: Scientists around the globe have explored the potential for this herb to possibly support immune function and the body’s natural state free from excess inflammation. 

Mullein Leaf: This herb has been used in every major herbal tradition to soothe the respiratory tract. 

This is the 4th award for ClearLungs Immune, which has won an award each year since 2016, and the 6th award for the ClearLungs line of products. This honor is also the 17th award for RidgeCrest Herbal’s full line, including the New Hope Network’s Nexty Award for Essential Eyes in 2017, The Taste For Life Better Nutrition Award for Anxiety Free both in 2014 and 2016, and the Better Nutrition’s Magazine Best of Supplements Award in 2017 for PhysiQOL.