Jan 3, 2018

RidgeCrest Herbals Announces the Publication of the 2018 Almanac

by Aspen Anderson

Salt Lake City, UT

RidgeCrest Herbals, the maker of the #1 selling natural herbal lung formula, ClearLungs®, is happy to announce the release of the third annual RidgeCrest Herbals Almanac. 

Nichole Carver, RidgeCrest Herbals' Chief Marketing Officer, says, "The Almanac has always been inspired by the people we love, the things we love, and, ultimately, our love of herbal traditions both new and old. Because it is our passion, we hope to inspire you to continually seek out knowledge and to learn and apply the tools so that this sacred information isn't ever forgotten. Also, it's fun and awesome at the same time. It's FAWESOME!"

In 2016, RidgeCrest Herbals printed its first Almanac with huge success. The reception of the Almanac exceeded all expectations, and the popularity led to a twelve-fold print increase for 2017. The 2018 Almanac marks continued growth with a 25,000 copy print. Will Christensen, RidgeCrest Herbals' President and the creative force behind the Almanac concept notes, 'We believe in transparency in every aspect of what we do, and the Almanac acts as a way to share ourselves and our dedication with our customers. This increased print will help us do that. The first article in our Almanac, written by our Chief Botanical Officer Brittini Gehring, lays out our commitment to Quality, Testing, and Transparency. It acts as our first volley as we work towards 100% transparency with our customers. It is going to be a major endeavor and will take some time, but they can look forward to continued efforts throughout 2018 and beyond to increase the amount of information made public by RidgeCrest so our customers can know absolutely everything about the products they are using for their health."

The Almanac captures the company's character, personality, and culture delightfully. Customers have raved about the stylishly old-fashioned booklet with up-to-date content that acts as a window into the culture of a DIY homesteading, outdoor-loving, family-friendly company in the shadows of the Wasatch mountains. RidgeCrest Herbals' CEO, Matt Warnock, says, "We are a pretty close company, and we feel that moral and spiritual values are important. The Almanac hopefully acts as a reflection of our dedication." The Almanac provides customers with a planning calendar packed with helpful tips, articles, recipes, and beautiful photographs, compliments of RidgeCrest Herbals' team. It also has information on monthly sales, product ingredients, and more. 

RidgeCrest Herbals has partnered with Whole Foods Magazine for their January 2018 edition, and a copy of the Almanac has been distributed to Whole Foods Magazine subscribers along with their regular January magazine. Heather Wainer, Whole Foods Magazine publisher, commented, "We are honored to once again be able to bring you the RidgeCrest Herbals' Almanac with the January issue of Whole Foods Magazine. We love working with all our friends at RidgeCrest and are glad that we can bring our readers such a useful, fun tool. It is obvious when you go through the pages how much work, love, and creativity went into the Almanac from every employee at RidgeCrest, in a way that reflects exactly how we feel about each issue of Whole Foods Magazine. 

In addition, a copy of the Almanac is distributed to RidgeCrests' retailers throughout the country for the enjoyment of their employees and is available to the public online at RCHerbals.com. A hard copy can be mailed to individual customers by calling 800-242-4649 and are often available at RidgeCrests' booth at trade shows.